Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Peer Johannsen

Weird Science - Tales from the Vectrex Academy Lab

Vectrex Game Project Title


Project Status

  • Early alpha prototype implementation version 0.1


  • An experimental Side-Scroller written entirely in C
  • Intended as my personal homage to Scramble
  • In September 2019, I started some experimental work on a side-scrolling game engine in C. It worked quite nicely, and I added an aircraft and some hostile missiles. But eventually I got side-tracked by other things and had to stop working on this project, so it never turned into a game and remained unfinished.

How To Play

  • Fly your aircraft / bat through a system of caves in a race against time.
  • Beware, the caves are secured by an automated defense system, launching missiles and other weapons to intercept your craft.
  • Further details yet to be determined...
  • Player Selection switches between aircraft and bat.
  • The aircraft is controlled by joystick only.
  • The fluttering of the bat is controlled by button 4.
  • Buttons 2 and 3 decrease / increase speed.


  • The prototype features 8 different caves (levels), selection is done via the options menu.
  • Currently, in the prototype, once the end of a cave is successfully reached, the game just ends.
  • The cave generation engine is quite flexible, more layouts are possible.
  • Currently, there are only two different types of enemies implemented. More types of enemies or obstacles are possible.
  • The prototype is a one player game only. Player selection in the options menu currently influences the aircraft / bat selection and the outline type of the cave that is played.
  • For now, there is only some basic and experimental sound.


  • Peer Johannsen

Prototype Screenshots

Prototype Demo Video

Additional Links


  • Prototype binary (alpha RC version 0.1): cave_racer.bin
  • Overlay prototype, button description is inaccurate (see How to Play): cave_racer.png
  • Game manual (not yet available)
  • Downloads are free and for non commercial use only. Use at your own risk.
  • Please respect the copyright and credit the author and the origin of this game.

Online Playing


  • Is it worth to turn this into a finalized game? Please let me know.
  • Feedback is very welcome!
  • Please use this link to send your comments.

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  • Prototype binary uploaded and Download Section added