Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Peer Johannsen

Weird Science - Tales from the Vectrex Academy Lab

Vectrex Project Title

  • An analysis of the original 3D Mine Storm cartridge and source code

Project Status

  • Ongoing research


  • Digital Archeology - An investigation of the 3D Mine Storm cartridge
  • There is an Easter Egg hidden inside 3D Mine Storm, revealing the names of the programmers.
  • In the past, it has already been mentioned on the web that the names of the programmers are "hidden inside the code", but to my best knowledge, and again please correct me if I am wrong, so far it has not yet been reported that those names can also be brought to the screen while the game is running.

Easter Egg

  • The method to trigger the Easter Egg is cleverly disguised, as you have to unplug the 3D imager and power up the console with just controller 1 attached.
  • Then, while the title screen appears and the title music plays, press buttons 1+2+4 at the same time and keep them pressed, and when the title melody has ended, then also press button 3, so that now all four buttons are pressed.
  • Then the following two screens will appear, showing the programmers' credentials:

  • To be continued...


  • Again, this analysis would not have been possible without Vide.
  • Many thanks to Malban for once more adding tons of new features I suggested or asked for.


  • Peer Johannsen

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