Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Peer Johannsen

Vectrex Academy 2023 Project

Game Title


Project Status

  • Project completed
  • Final release version available for download


  • Turn based fighting RPG


  • In the land of Eldoria, a dark force threatens to engulf the kingdom. The only hope lies in a mysterious hero who has emerged from the shadows, wielding an ancient sword of unparalleled power. As he ventures forth into the unknown, he must face a series of deadly adversaries in turn-based combat, using his wits and strategic prowess to emerge victorious and save the realm from destruction.

How To Play

  • Buttons 2, 3 and 4 are for (Attack), (Block) and (Heal)
  • After deciding on what to do in combat, arrows will appear on the right side of the screen indicating a direction that has to be mimicked with the joystick to increase damage dealt / blocked / healed
  • Everytime you defeat an enemy, you get points added to your score
  • Everytime you get hit, you lose health points (HP). Once you reach 0 HP, it's game over.
  • Please also read the game manual.


  • R4G3H4CK3R

Concept Art

Splash Art and Screenshots


  • Feedback ist highly appreciated!
  • Downloads are free and for non commercial use only. Use at your own risk.
  • Please respect the copyright and credit the author and the origin of this game.

Online Playing

  • Link to Dr. Snuggles' online emulator to directly play the game in your browser: Vecventure


  • Feedback, and bug reports are very welcome and will be relayed to the author.
  • Please use this link to send your comments.

Latest modification on 07/31/2023, 09:00

  • Project completed
  • Final release uploaded