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Vectrex Academy 2019 Project

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  • This game provides a two player fencing simulator with guards, strikes and defences, as handed down by the German fencing master Hans Talhoffer in his fencing manual written in 1467.

How To Play

  • The screen is divided in two sections. One for you and one for your opponent. The game is played in ego perspective. That means that you see the game threw the eyes of a warrior on the battlefield. You see your own weapon and the avatar of your opponent in the center of your screen.
    The opponent avatar shows the exact actions of the other player.
  • In order to fight the you have to pick one out of seven guards, which supports your preferred angle of attack. Try to mirror your opponent to parry every incoming strike. Only if you are in the right guard for the incoming blow your parry is effective and you survive the attack. Try to outmaneuver your opponent before you strike. Hacking holes into the air without any sense of tactics do not lead you to victory!
  • From every guard you can either defend or attack. While you are defending or attacking you cant change the guard.


  • The current implementation features a fully fledged sound routine which can play three independend voices.

Author and Rank

  • Alberich
  • Principal Software-Engineer

Concept Art



  • Feedback and bug reports are very welcome and will be relayed to the author.
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