Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Peer Johannsen

Vectrex Academy 2019 Project

Game Title


Project Status

  • Release
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  • Missile Command and Defender clone
  • Defend a medieval castle against alien missiles for the sake of humanity

How To Play

  • Use the joystick to move the angle of your arrow direction.
  • Use button 3 to switch inbetween 3 different shooting positions.
  • Button 4 for is used for shooting arrows.
  • The goal of the game is it to hit the incoming missiles with the arrows.
  • For each missile that hits the castle, 1 life is lost. There is a total of 3 lives.

Author and Rank

  • Jumpman
  • Senior Software-Engineer

Concept Art and Screenshots



  • Feedback and bug reports are very welcome and will be relayed to the author.
  • Please use this link to send your comments.

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